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Organic heat carrier boiler:
Coal organic heat carrier furnace
Coal organic heat carrier furnace
Coal organic heat carrier furnace
Fuel organic heat carrier furnace
Fuel organic heat carrier furnace
Wood organic heat carrier furnace
Electric organic heat carrier furnace
Wood heat carrier furnace
Integrated organic heat carrier furnace
Heat engineering
SZL series of coal-fired hot water boiler steam
WNS series gas-fired boiler fuel
Bulk coal-fired hot water boiler
Steam generator
Imported supporting burner
Water coal slurry burner
The most advanced combustion system in China
The most advanced and economical technology flow of the first one in China

 Science and Technology is the source of quality
 Try our best for promoting
 To improve the company’s scientific and research strength, the company tries best to offer the top science& research facilities to develop new products and technologies to meet the customers’ demands.

 Innovating permanent power
 The company’s powerful competitiveness comes from continuous innovation, facing reality, launching new things and developing their own advantages.

 Talent enterprise future
 The company owns the top organic heating carrier furnace experts, who are the foundation for us to stand in the front of the market. Jienen is a learning team, learning continuously and from others and exceeding ourselves. The top quality is from the excellent talents.

 Top Production Base

 Strict quality guarantee system
 The national rules and regulations must be observed, which is through the whole process of business. Sampling picking, exchanged picking and special network are provided to improve product quality. Standardization is the guarantee for zero defects.

 Complete tooling production capability

 Complete and advanced production and testing equipment shall be maintained periodically by specified person at specified time. Standardized management of the equipment is the material base for keeping powerful production capability.

 Realistic on-site management mechanism
 Standardized and detailed on-site management system is throughout the whole process. A team with responsibility, enterprising and profession dedication is the powerful guarantee for manufacturing economic products.


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