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Organic heat carrier boiler:
Coal organic heat carrier furnace
Coal organic heat carrier furnace
Coal organic heat carrier furnace
Fuel organic heat carrier furnace
Fuel organic heat carrier furnace
Wood organic heat carrier furnace
Electric organic heat carrier furnace
Wood heat carrier furnace
Integrated organic heat carrier furnace
Heat engineering
SZL series of coal-fired hot water boiler steam
WNS series gas-fired boiler fuel
Bulk coal-fired hot water boiler
Steam generator
Imported supporting burner
Water coal slurry burner
The most advanced combustion system in China
The most advanced and economical technology flow of the first one in China

  Depending on exquisite technology, rich on-site experience and powerful profession dedication spirit, the company will try their best to offer pre-sales and after-sales services to the customers.

Pre-sales service:
Assist the customers in model selection and offer free technical consultation.
Equipment layout, foundation and technology flow shall be provided free of charge according to the customers’ demands.
Train the operators for others.

After-sales service:
Offer installation and commissioning guide.
Visit the customers regularly, know about the circumstances and offer the maintenance materials without charge.
Keep the customer information for a long time to offer easily worn parts and fittings.

Service standard:
Designated department is set with part-time personnel for 24-hour hotline service.
We will arrive within specified time, arriving within 24 hours for Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai, and 72 hours for other provinces.
General-manager supervision system is executed to avoid delay, negative handling and creating difficulty for customers.
Service hotline:0510-85580065 Supervision hotline:0510-85583388

Commitment of “warranty of repair” of the equipment:
Warranty of repair: during normal operation, in case of defect caused by manufacturing within 12 months, the company shall be responsible for it.
Warranty of replacement: during normal operation, in case of severe problem issue within 12 months, through the warranty of repair procedure, the company is responsible for replacing.
Warranty of return: during normal operation, in case of severe issue within 6 month, through the warranty of replacement procedure, upon the customers’ demand, the company is responsible for returning.


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